Retailer Space Information Portal


Every retail chain requires an optimal environment for building, evaluating, and maintaining its merchandising strategies. Manual data management and analysis drain category managers’ productivity, while disconnected tools and analytics create inaccuracies.


Digitalrep’s space information portals provide instant access for viewing, automation, and centralized management of planograms. Users can query information, download static reports, repair planograms, and control merchandising settings. Digitalrep eliminates time-consuming manual processes and provides simple, point-and-click automation.


  • Improve visibility of changes on the shelf.
  • Centralize maintenance and enterprise data aggregation.
  • Integrate multiple data sources for instant views of performance and productivity.
  • Reduce distribution voids and out-of-stocks.
  • Access standardized space information reporting.
  • Socialize and peer review through the sharing of best practices.
  • Access anywhere with mobile capabilities.