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Product information, including size, content, place of origin, cost, and other elements, including an image of the item, is typically managed in a product database
Assortment data includes ranking information for each item, and is utilized to determine priority of position in a fixture
Planograms are schematic diagrams of fixtures in retail stores – they’re used to plan for where and how items will be merchandised in stores
Point of Sales information tracks what was sold when – including every transaction in every outlet
The Federal Information Processing Standard provides codes for states, counties, and other geographic areas used by the U.S. Census bureau
Market data is provided by third parties like Nielsen and IRI, companies that track all sales information by specific geographic market
Loyalty data is information tracked and managed, typically by retailers, to understand buying patterns in order to provide customers what they’re looking for
Store data includes information about each retail outlet location, including address, store number, etc.
Climate data includes historic information about weather and the patterns that have formed over time – that help predict future weather-related activity

Digitalrep and Qlik Tech International have partnered to provide high performance, dashboard based visualization of Digitalrep’s retail data analysis capabilities for consumer packaged goods companies and retailers alike.

Qlik’s in memory capability enables you to make quick clicks in a web browser and realize the results instantly, even when queries span millions of records in your data warehouse.

Qlik technologies enable Digitalrep customers to quickly join sales, assortment, schematic, market, store, product, and merchandising criteria, and instantly answer complex questions. The combination of Digitalrep’s Planomart software and Qlik technologies provides true simplicity that delivers instant, one-click business answers for all users.

QlikView® is a powerful business intelligence tool that’s managed by developers – and provides guided analytics. End users are able to explore data, select, drill-down, and navigate.

Qlik Sense® provides a sort of “self-service” capability – the visualizations provided make it easy to interact with the data and create what’s needed. There’s little training required because of the layout, interface, and design. Users have the freedom to create layouts of their own.

Qlik NPrinting® is an advanced reporting and distribution solution that makes it easy to use data and analytics from Qlik Sense and QlikView. For example, inserting a native table from QlikView or Qlik Sense into Microsoft® Office formats like PowerPoint is simple. This means that the information produced from a Planomart data warehouse can be integrated seamlessly into a presentation – so analysts are able to make their points effortlessly after Digitalrep generates the findings.

Have a related project that involves big data and you want a dashboard you can utilize to query your data? Let Digitalrep help you implement Qlik technology in your business. Digitalrep is a Qlik Tech Implementation Partner. We’re experts with the platform and can both save you time for implementation, and also deliver the information you want, efficiently and accurately.

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