Collect, Aggregate, and Report distributor pricing for beer, wine, and spirits.

Where multi-level distribution is in place, as with beer, wine, and spirits – it is challenging to manage the ongoing pricing collection task. Digitalrep’s is a public facing web application that enables distributors to enter forward-looking pricing simply and accurately. The application aggregates and reports pricing for retailers, driving fewer discrepancies on the receiving dock.

Why we’re your best option


We have solved data issues of all kinds – for example, how to track items when UPC is not utilized.
Customer Service

We train every user and take every email / every call to assist users when they need help. Our agents are knowledgeable and ready to assist.
Audit Trail

We track who enters data, and when it’s done – date and time. We maintain the data archive, so historical data can be viewed to provide context for every price point entered.

Case study

At Sam’s Club, nearly 1,000 distributors were filling out a spreadsheet template with their pricing for each item in every club, and emailing it to the retailer once a month. All those worksheets were “rolled-up” into one very large file for upload into the Sam’s Club purchasing system. This process was a terrible time sink, error-prone, and difficult to manage., Digitalrep’s pricing portal, changed everything. Today, brewers utilizing have the most accurate pricing and experience the fewest discrepancies.

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