Planogram Warehousing


Category managers need access to historic data, and the ability to slice / dice aggregated information by any attribute across multiple data sources. They’re tasked with sifting through an enormous amount of data. “Big Data” is just that – the sheer amount of it makes it difficult not only to discern what’s valuable, but also to discover what information might be missing or lost in the shuffle.

The popularity of mobile devices has accelerated growth of available customer data. A typical retailer knows not only basic customer demographics, but also purchase histories, mobile / social interactions, supply chain, and more. The volume of information available to retailers today is unprecedented, even for brands that have been around for years where their owners have extensive analysis experience.


Planomart’s high performance integration engine imports thousands of planograms, and auto-joins to critical enterprise data sources, including performance (POS), Store, Product, Market (syndicated), and more. Digitalrep tools enable our customers to manage more planograms in less time, and to provide links to other retail processes without sacrificing best practice planogram analytics and planogram design capabilities.


Maintain access to and availability of historic space data.

  • Single, centralized repository for all planogram and associated data.
  • Capacity for millions of schematic diagrams across multiple retailers and time periods.
  • Ability to create optimal mix of product types and quantities via geography, store, and season.
  • Advanced planogram analytics.
  • Item lifecycle tracking.
  • Integration of planogram data with other mission critical retail processes.
  • Prevention of out-of-stocks and over-stocks.
  • Increased in-store compliance.