Space Management

Planogram Viewing


Category Managers, buyers, and space personnel utilize planogramming software during the category review process. The software runs on PCs and requires large data sets (Big Data), as well as experience with custom software applications. Proposals and plans are generally printed to PDF format, and reviewed manually.

When working with clusters, models, or templates, users typically view homogenized information, where data may be averaged, or a generic assortment plan is applied – when store specific models are actually required. In order to view new proposals, multiple versions are printed, emailed, and statistically reviewed. Once final versions are available, all versions are printed and distributed via email, printed again, reviewed and executed. Any change of the assortment requires a complete rebuild, review, distribution, and print function.


Planomart Viewer enables users to quickly view planograms in an internet browser. Schematics are efficiently displayed and highlighted with labels, colors, and “mouse-overs” to identify for the viewer specific information about each item, including performance measures that are user selectable. Digitized planograms are capable of storing substantial financial data and are the best place to see the cause and effect relationship driven by decisions contemplated or made.


Easily and effectively distribute planogram visuals across the organization without special client software required.

  • Include in the planogram review process any authorized user / device with browser access to the internet.
  • Provide distribution / download to authorized users for both the planogram and the .PDF file format.
  • Enable mobile access for users with smart phones or tablets (HTML5).
  • Auto-print approved planograms based on scheduled updates and distribute via browser downloads.
  • Empower planners to formalize decisions around the trade-off between space, assortment, capacity, and product location.