Space Management

Planogram Scorecards


Category Managers, buyers, and Space planners need to know what’s happening on the shelf, and want scorecards that predict the impact that will be made by new assortment decisions. The ability to compare a previous to a proposed plan is something every merchandising professional requires during the category refresh process. Deriving insights as to how proposed plans may impact write-downs, store reset labor, shelf tags, and profitability is critical prior to the release of plans to reset crews.


Planomart enables category management teams to quickly produce space scorecards that are used to compare space information and performance metrics over time. Reports provide shelf insights generated using aggregated data with drill-down functionality to item level details. Scorecards quickly identify distribution and space measures, shelf issues for over / under supply, and Fair Share Indexing (FSI), using space measures and performance data.


  • Quickly and easily identify winners and losers in each category.
  • Efficiency – scorecard multiple time periods using thousands of planograms in minutes.
  • Flexibility – join schematic data with POS and / or market data if desired.
  • Instantly create and review change lists (Adds / Deletes / Core items).
  • Analyze projected value of new items, and the impact of deleted items.
  • Analyze the financial performance of thousands of items using technology to efficiently identify winners and losers.
  • Improve inventory control.
  • Evaluate thoroughly the performance for each category.