Space Management

Planogram Automation


Space Management personnel have a limited set of tools to automate repetitive, manual tasks. Most of the tasks require deep expertise, programming experience using proprietary tools, and / or knowledge of and experience with programming languages. Basic updates, as well as data maintenance is typically accomplished in serial form.


Planomart enables users to read from and write to planograms with great speed. Planogram repairs, UPC Swaps, and library updates to product, performance, and planograms eliminate errors that occur when handled manually.

Additionally, centralized data sources can be leveraged to write dynamic content into static files, using automation and unattended updates. Utilities simplify the planogram build process by adding new items and removing targeted deletes with automation.


Reduced time associated with manual tasks and serial processing

  • Ease of use (Web portal and wizards vs. scripting).
  • Eliminate much of the manual redundancy inherent in planogram builds.
  • Unattended loads for dynamic data sources.
  • Reduced errors related to bad data.
  • Enabled read / write capability to track changes by role, user, division, planogram, item, etc.
  • Perform planogram integrity audits (adds, moves, changes), Days of Supply (over / under).