Space Management

Planogram Audits


Auditing planograms is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. A manual, visual inspection of merchandising criteria is complex, and in some cases, hundreds of criteria – ranging from orientation to placement, min / max capacity, adjacency, brand blocking, or “shop-ability of the shelf” – must be considered when determining compliance. Developing, and then applying the criteria against thousands of stores is taxing, and can be largely subjective – without rule based systems.

Opening, reviewing, editing, and saving changes by experienced teams can require weeks to complete. Last minute changes require re-validation, and a repeat of the entire process, which can delay execution for new plans.


Digitalrep’s Planomart Auditing Tools enable non-visual inspection of thousands of planograms with great efficiency, and provide comparative reports that detail every item in every position against user-defined business rules.

Reports identify each non-compliant item, in addition to details that include the specific rule violated, and each item’s location. Digitalrep delivers presentation-ready insights that tell the story, and explain the impact on new assortment.


  • Substantially reduce planogram inspection time from hours per planogram to seconds per planogram.
  • Reduce inspection labor cost and shorten the review cycle.
  • Improve audit accuracy and repair only issues identified versus inspect 100% of the planograms.
  • Create dynamic and static rules (data-driven inspection), reduce out-of-stocks and over / under inventory positions by ensuring optimal DOS.
  • Automated insights and callouts for opportunity identification.