Consumer Intelligence


Derive unique insights from sales, market, and shelf data; find out what’s changed from one period to another – to identify winners, losers, and trends

Consumer packaged goods companies typically want to look at a category reset after the fact – to analyze factors like share, points of distribution, and days of supply. Digitalrep takes the idea quite a bit farther – comparing the just completed reset with the previous period’s schematics. Imagine the ability to understand how DOS, POD, and capacity have changed from one period to the next, and at an aggregated level, for every item… View by category, sub-category, segment, brand, manufacturer, package type, etc.

Why we’re your best option

Data Integrity

Attention to detail and an insistence on complete and thorough analyses drive accurate assessments.

Dozens of multi-core processors, mountains of memory, and high performance storage married with Quick-view dashboards deliver speedy results.
Subject matter expertise

We understand shelf space, and we’re proficient with the JDA space planning environment. We have worked with beer, wine, spirits, center store, snacks, and general merchandise. We have both retailers and CPG companies as customers.

Client quote

  • Digitalrep is a true partner in our space planning operations. Their technology, infrastructure, data security, reporting services, and intellect help us build and maintain a best-in-class planogram operation. Digitalrep helps us measure and re-capture lost sales through their distribution void reporting application. Our goal at Albertsons LLC is to build and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, and one way we do this is by having the right products on the shelves for our customers.
    Phil Richardson
    Albertsons LLC

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