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Image Sync Services


Manage merchandising product images for thousands of items; various formats are required for different purposes – planograms, advertising, catalog, websites, etc. Typically, multiple images are required – for unique orientations, a single item vs. a carrier, seasonal changes, etc.

There was a significant need for efficient processes and workflow because items change frequently, whether because new products are introduced, seasonal impact, or private label images are not available on a timely basis from a primary provider. Consistency is critical – what is really needed is a centralized “hub,” that synchronizes with its “spokes.”

Finally, product images must be available for planograms and preorders – before items ship to the general market.


Digitalrep designed and implemented mobile imaging carts to capture images and product attributes for items in stores or merchandise staging areas. A mobile imaging application for the iPhone was developed to provide another tool for capturing images of new items in the market.

An effective image processing workflow that starts with image capture and ends with the highest quality output – all images in multiple formats are preserved for multiple applications – was perfected over numbers of years and includes synchronization to ensure that all users have consistent data.


Reduced planogramming labor costs were realized quickly as the underlying data was optimized, and fewer changes were required to arrive at final plans. Actionable analysis was enabled with highly reliable data, and gaps where items don’t have images were minimized. High quality images have multiple uses, including in-browser viewing. Improved merchandising integrity meant significant improvement in effectiveness.