Hosted Applications


Looking to increase efficiencies in its operations, a large national retailer’s merchandisers were utilizing desktop software to create and modify detailed plans for each of its locations. A popular desktop application was the standard, as it has been for years in the industry.

However, the quality and consistency of work product was lacking because each user was like an “island” of information. Detailed product libraries were not shared effectively – as a result, bad data issues were common. There was no ability to enforce company standards – or to govern how partners might gain access to participate. The lack of consistency prevented the production of any useful analyses – centralization was needed, but there was no plan for it.


Digitalrep was contracted to help right the ship. The first step was to create a central repository for data, secured with best of breed computing and networking technologies.

Next, Digitalrep provided hosting for the software, in order to get all the work moved to a single environment, where security, access, and standards are now enforced. Effective end user support is another significant component to the solution – with the ability to exert a certain amount of control over the entire operation, Digitalrep was able to reduce the number of issues, and effectively solve the challenges faced by an average user.

The combination of Digitalrep software and an effective approach to hosting the application has been implemented to manage all the data, including detailed diagrams, point-of-sales, product, location, and syndicated data. Digitalrep’s database schema, which defines the relationships among all the data, enables a highly effective data warehouse that delivers unprecedented analytical capabilities.


  • Consistency – in data quality, reporting, workflow, and results.
  • Actionable Information – Among other things, Digitalrep’s reporting capabilities helps to identify and measurably exploit significant profit opportunities.
  • Performance – because everything is centralized, Digitalrep can apply as much computing resource as is required to ensure high performance and thus, efficiency users want and expect.
  • Security – Hosting software applications enables Digitalrep to effectively control everything – user access and roles and related privileges, as well as pushed reports that are generated according to a predetermined schedule and according to what each recipient needs to know.