Shell Place Management



Generally, data centric software applications today require users to construct a query, and a report is generated that represents the results of that query. Depending on the quality of the software and the horsepower provided by the host, it may require minutes to hours before a report is produced.

  • Planogram files are islands of information. Comparing space measures for many stores, across multiple time periods, requires aggregation of the space information from those stores.
  • Desktop computers do not have sufficient resources (memory, processors, storage) to handle large data sets.
  • Desktop applications used to query data have limited capabilities – they’re not intended for processing millions of records.
  • Processing data is serial in nature. A single change in the workflow requires the entire update process to be repeated and recalculated.
  • Typically, large report file sizes mean that only summary data can be distributed.
  • Required data sources used in the report building process must be delivered to each client computer. Data transport (FTP, EMAIL, AS2) to individuals creates duplicate, static copies. Any change in the master data requires a refresh.


Digitalrep’s space management dashboards utilizing in-memory reporting enable queries that produce results in seconds. Data joins engineered on the back end enable lightning fast, on screen results. All result sets may be viewed and queried in a browser, and then downloaded in any Microsoft Office or PDF format.


Easy-to-use and configurable space management reports, charts, and product lists predict and compare planogram performance to provide insight into the potential success of planogram variations.

  • Pre-validated reports and logic reduce reporting errors.
  • Direct calculations provide a lightning-fast user experience.
  • Uniform report formats enable drill-down capability.
  • Gain access to relevant data from disparate sources joined in one application.
  • Data visualization utilizes attractive images, graphs, and charts that are easy to interpret.
  • Users work interactively with dynamic applications, dashboards, and statistics.
  • Access is provided to your data anytime and anywhere, including mobile devices.
  • QlikView® technology enables thousands of users with billions of data records.
  • Secure, role-based access to data is delivered versus emailed spreadsheets.
  • Efficiently tailor local assortments for more satisfied customers and maximized sales.
  • Reduction in static data transport to client computers.