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Digitalrep’s innovations in category management deliver new ways to manage your merchandising efforts, ensuring that your strategy is properly implemented.

There are tools available today to assist you in building planograms and deriving analyses of the data – but a lot of the work must be done manually, and working with large retail chains creates tasks that can require weeks of effort. We break existing paradigms by extracting critical data from planograms and efficiently loading it into a data warehouse driven by a high performance computing platform in our own data center.

Why we’re your best option

Unique capabilities

We solve problems others haven’t been able to address. If you have found that your category management tasks are manual and repetitive, we can help.
Subject matter expertise

We understand shelf space, and we’re proficient with the JDA space planning environment. We have worked with beer, wine, spirits, center store, snacks, and general merchandise. We have both retailers and CPG companies as customers.
We play fair

Our rates are more reasonable than most. We build software that adapts to the way you work – not the other way around. We anticipate change and provide you with the tools to manage through it.

Case Study

  • When a large national retail grocery chain was looking for a way to improve its collection of product attributes for private label items, Digitalrep provided a solution that ensured higher accuracy in the retailer's planograms, and in a most efficient model. Custom-built, mobile measurement and imaging carts were created and distributed across the country to each of the chain's divisions. Digital cameras, electronic calipers, a wireless barcode scanner, and a softbox lighting studio are all powered by batter in an easy to transport mobile cart that could be pushed down each aisle of a store for image and measurement capture. Attributes collected include height, width, depth, UPC, description, pack, size, unit of measure, package type, brand, brand family, color, etc. Additionally, digital images of the front, side, and top of each item were collected -- and then edited, cropped, sharpened, and masked with a carefully designed workflow to ensure quality, consistency, and availability of various formats required. A centrally managed collection process for all new item attributes and images enabled a reduction in man hours by an estimated 40 per division per month.  Duplication of effort has been eliminated, and space issues on the shelf were dramatically reduced. More timely access to product information has contributed to a consistent space management practice and an efficient implementation of merchandising strategy.

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