Hey, you! Get onto my cloud!

Need help now, and don’t want to jump through hoops to build your own infrastructure? At Digitalrep, we’ve got our own cloud. Scale up or scale down as needed, when you need it. We manage security, access, capacity, and performance. You decide who, what, when, and how much.

Why Digitalrep?


Plan knowing you have a fixed per user cost. Compare our consulting / hourly rates against anybody’s. We’re easy to work with, and worth it.

We’ve developed some ingenious capabilities – partly possible because it’s our cloud. ‘Tracker’ monitors change and acts on it. Space Data Extract (SDE) reads planograms and stores space information from them in our data warehouse. SDE is the source data used by tracker to monitor for change.
User Management

Let us manage the administrivia. Control settings and role-based access are just a few of the things we can handle for you. Our centralized help desk is staffed with folks who understand space management, and are ready to assist your organization.

Case study

A leading U.S. beverage manufacturer needed to audit merchandising plans. Were the retailer's business rules being followed? Where were the problems and what was the frequency with which they occurred? With thousands of stores, there were numerous challenges: Where to run a system that could handle so much information securely and efficiently? Who has the expertise for such a complex job?

Digitalrep was the answer. With its own data center, unlimited storage capacity, and all the horsepower you could ask for, Digitalrep managed the task and processed schematic merchandising audits with super-fast performance.

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