Big Data

Yes, it’s an overused term… but how do you deal with all that data?

Every enterprise creates and utilizes large amounts of data. Some kinds of data are particularly large – if you run a retail chain, you know what we’re talking about. The challenges associated with big data include more than simply how to process it. How do you move it around? When you want to share it, you can’t always email it. Digitalrep has plenty of experience dealing with big data, and can help you with a comprehensive plan for managing it.

Why Digitalrep?


We’ve been working with shelf space data for more than 15 years. We host and manage all space data for a large, country wide retailer chain, and we have some of the world’s largest companies as happy customers.

With big data come big issues – data issues. We understand how to identify data problems, and how to fix themyou’re your data isn’t clean, your reports are worthless.

Think of us as an extension of your team. We can do a lot or a little. Let us host your data and manage the entire process – or, we’ll license our software to you, and you can run it on premise. We can also offer an appliance as a compromise.

Case study

At Sam’s Club, nearly 1,000 distributors were filling out a spreadsheet template with their pricing for each item in every club, and emailing it to the retailer once a month. All those worksheets were “rolled-up” into one very large file for upload into the Sam’s Club purchasing system. This process was a terrible time sink, error-prone, and difficult to manage. Spreadsheets were emailed back and forth, creating a significant security vulnerability - all parties want to keep pricing information confidential. Prices were updated only monthly because of the size and complexity of the task., Digitalrep’s pricing portal, changed everything. In a secure environment utilizing automation, prices are now updated weekly, and participating brewers are seeing more of their items authorized as a result. More accurate pricing means increased volume - and profit.

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