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Retail chains today are constantly looking for assistance to help drive their merchandising strategies. How do you ensure that your strategy is actually implemented? With complex merchandising criteria, how can you adequately crunch the numbers to produce assortment that fits?

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Breadth of capability

We can work with store specific planograms and clusters as well. Need to marry store level POS with clusters? We do it routinely.
East to use

Digitalrep’s assortment ranker software has a clean interface and an intuitive design
Extensive assistance

We’ll train you how to use the tool, or we can do the work for you; we’ll get you where you want to go.

Case study

A large U.S. consumer packaged goods (CPG) company was looking to automate the construction and management of an assortment ranker for a retail chain partner recently. A "ranker" is a listing of items in the order of priority for a store and / or store fixture that determines which items get on the shelf and those that don't. Hundreds of inputs that included specific performance, business rules, merchandising criteria, and syndicated market data made the task appear daunting. With the desire to quickly produce rankers for thousands of stores, and to add to that - "what if" scenarios that meant adding data sources like weather and demographics to perfect shelf assortment - some sort of highly capable automation was needed. Digitalrep's assortment ranker leverages Planomart software to quickly produce rankers for thousands of stores in just a few minutes. Query Builder gives category managers DBA-like capability to look for patterns that work. The combination of capabilities and ease-of-use in Assortment Ranker is unmatched in merchandising today.

Assortment Ranker is unmatched in the industry. It's easy to use and delivers high performance results.
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