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Assortment Planning


A large CPG firm was looking to develop an efficient process to produce item rankers at the store level for a retail chain partner. The objective was to find a way to determine the “rank” – that is, the priority of each item in a specific category, for each store – based on a number of factors: sales performance, market data, business rules, and a complex set of merchandising criteria developed by the retailer for its business. The criteria document alone numbered nearly one hundred pages. There was also a desire to add other inputs: demographic and other location-specific data were considered for inclusion.


Digitalrep’s Assortment Planning Tool leverages the power of Planomart™ to produce store level rankers utilizing a large number of inputs for thousands of stores in minutes. Business rules can be implemented or modified in seconds using QueryBuilder®, Digitalrep’s exceptional front-end database tool. Ad hoc reporting from an enterprise class database system is effectively simplified with QueryBuilder, and it’s super-easy to share reports with colleagues.


Ultra efficiency – The Assortment Planning Tool dramatically reduced the time required to prepare for schematic builds.

Actionable information – CPG firms need to consider ‘what if’ scenarios to produce results for various strategies – a recent Digitalrep benchmark shows that more than 9,000 stores were ranked in one category with 440,000 items in less than 2 minutes. A spreadsheet-driven approach can require as much as 2 weeks to produce similar information.

Accuracy – Planomart ensures that data inputs can be cleaned and normalized to ensure that outputs reflect reality. Automated processes, rather than manual interaction with the data, deliver the precision that analysts require for the proper implementation of rules and criteria.