Our software is designed for the way you work.

Custom built applications sometimes go too far – and always seem to take too much time to complete. At Digitalrep, we enable you to pick and choose the functionality you need, when you need it. Because our software is built with a modular design, we can “turn-on” or “turn-off” functions, depending on your needs.

Why Digitalrep?


We’ve been focused on retail shelf space for more than 15 years. It’s what we do. We’re data focused, and we know how to get you the information you’re looking for.
All data

Want to join space with sales? No brainer. Syndicated data? We do it every day. Product? Store? Demographics? Loyalty? Check.
Best in class

Cisco UCS. Vmware. Solid-state storage. SQL Server and .NET. We have the tools that enable us to deliver for you – jobs small and large.

Case study

Digitalrep was asked to solve a challenge that one of America's leading consumer packaged goods companies was facing with regard to price tag authorizations for a very large national retailer. The current process involved a number of manual processes that consumed a significant amount of time every day - and required a number of folks to manage it constantly. Digitalrep automated the tasks, utilizing an enterprise class database management system to ensure accuracy at the highest level.

Real-time updates help to significantly reduce the number of unknown items on the shelf, and product information has been cleaned up measurably. What at one time required as much as an hour per day is now accomplished in seconds.

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