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Improve your merchandising efforts.

Want to understand your share of shelf? It’s generally accepted today that the shelf may be the most precious real estate in consumer-retail. It is the place where consumers meet retailers, brands, and products. Both retailers and manufacturers want to know how much shelf space is worth -- what items make the most profitable use of space... What products and assortments drive greatest growth -

Whether you have access to planograms or just PDFs, Digitalrep can show you what’s happening on the shelf. Measure change in various indexes from one reset to another. Utilize demographics, product information, and weather data to assist you in optimizing assortment.

Manage big data securely without all the hassle. We do it every day.

Data Security

Is my data secure in the cloud? At Digitalrep, we maintain our own data center, hosting, managing, and providing analytics from many varied sources – and we’ve been doing it for more than 15 years. Everything that leaves our data center is encrypted, as is all the data residing in the warehouse. We use proven technology to provide a productive and secure experience for our customers.

All of our work is referenceable. We’re happy to share via proof of concept what we can do for you to meet and exceed your requirements.

Do you know what’s changed on the shelf – from one schematic reset to the next?


Consumer packaged goods companies and retailers alike know that the battle for consumer dollars is more competitive than ever. People are changing how, where, and when they shop. How can you make use of demographics, climate data, performance, or loyalty data to make good decisions?

We understand both the intricacies and the anomalies that are always present in big retail data. That means we can ensure the findings we produce are accurate – are yours? What about those of your competitors?